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02-26-11 Pyramid of Shadows

Our intrepid adventurers are in the middle of an ongoing quest for “The Tactician”. While the group doesn’t know what the “Tactician” is exactly, they were sent on the quest to retrieve this artifact from a human mage they have built a lasting bond with.

The group has been to hell and back on this quest and the next clue of The Tactician’s whereabouts has led them to the depths of the mysterious and ominous Pyramid of Shadows. Here they learn of a wickedly powerful Tiefling necromancer named Karavakos. Upon entering a portal opened by the liberated red dragon Inferneth, the group finds themselves in the middle of a dense and dark jungle landscape. Once the crew’s feet touch ground, their portal disappears and they are set upon by a gang of Dwarves and Humans. The crew takes note that the ambushers looked pallid and exhausted and make quick work dispatching the ambushers.

Suddenly and seemingly driven by a tremendous dark arcane force, an image of Karavakos appears and inquires as to the nature of the group’s quest. Upon mention of The Tactician, Karavakos admits to be in possession of the artifact and then manifests an obsidian pyramid that immediately grows in size to eventually engulf the party and plunges them into darkness.

As the group travels through the darkness, each one of the party members feels an overwhelming sense that a piece of their core, their heroism, their light that leads them in the darkest of places being torn from them as they continue their descent into the abyss. Almost at once, but at the same time what feels like an eternity of despair, the group finds themselves atop a pile of human, elven, dwarven corpses. After getting their bearings, the group notices that they are one party member short.

Upon initial assessment of their currently compromising position, Faermeena, the Drow Warlock takes note of a cloud of shadows bracing itself against the wall. Only a Drow would recognize a lolthtouched cloud of darkness Faermeena reports to the group that despite there is another adventurer in the room with them… one who is cowering in fear, and one who shows promise.

After initial lines of communication are opened, the group meets Dryzz, the Drow Battle priest. Once initial pleasantries (or as pleasant as they can be given their shared predicament) the group’s situation worsens when they all discover the large two-headed Ettin sharpening an axe and proclaiming his excitement at the potential additions to his trophy collection.

Battle ensues and as the groups seeks to exit the pit and engage the Ettin, Tanksmash makes note that carrion crawlers have made this pit their home and nest and have taken offense to the group’s presence.

After a heated battle with some fantastic acts of heroism as well as over all damage dealing the group disposes of the giant and the twin carrion crawlers in the pit. Thaelin, the Elven rouge, takes the time to inspect the Ettin’s trophy wall. Upon further inspection of a suspicious looking sack, Thaelin gingerly inserted his war forged hand into the sack to reveal a palm-sized obsidian stone. Upon gazing upon the stone, an image of the head of an Eladrin princess appears. She tells Thaelin, as well as the rest of the party, that she is Vyrellis and she will act as their guide to what they seek, but only if the group plans on helping her accomplish her end as well.

The group passed the first encounter with speed and grace.

The XP total for ENC1: The Entrance Pit is 1714 XP.

1714/6= 256XP per PC.
Faermeena, Oak, Thaelin, and Drizz earn an additional 25XP for cashing in their fortune cards at the end of the encounter.

Final tally:

Crescent DeWade (Super Minion): 256XP
Tanksmash: 256 XP
Faermeena: 281 XP
Thaelin: 281 XP
Oak: 281 XP
Dryzz: 281 XP

As a reminder to the group:

1. New house rule and the use of the new “Fortune Cards” can (will) be found on the wiki page for this campaign.

2. New rules regarding absent players and superminioning in reference to XP totals can (will) also be found on the wiki page for this campaign.

03-18-11 Pyramid of Shadows: The Flooded Chamber

The adventuring crew is in the early stages of exploration as they continue to trudge through the dangerous and impossibly byzantine chambers of the Pyramid of Shadows. The group decided to head East after felling Gurak and the carrion crawler infested pit. Upon heading east, the group hears the sound of rushing water. Upon entrance into the next chamber, the group sees a large pool of water with strange lizard-like creatures.

The group manages to get the jump on the Greenscales to start the melee, however certain adventurers noticed that upon entrance of the inexplicable turbulent waters of the chamber that they would be sucked up and spit out at another location in the room. After some turmoil, blood, sweat, and tears, the group dispatched the reptilian host and their collective aquatic ilk.

What does the next chamber hold? Which direction should they travel? Will the head of Vyrellis point them in the right direction or will she lead them astray?

Stay tuned to find out more!

The XP total for ENC2: The Flooded Chamber is 1750 XP.

1750/6= 292 XP per PC.

Faermeena, Crescent, Thaelin, and Drizz earn an additional 10%XP for cashing in their fortune cards at the end of the encounter.

Final tally:

Crescent DeWade: 321 XP
Tanksmash: 292 XP
Faermeena: 321 XP
Thaelin: 321 XP
Oak: 292 XP
Dryzz: 321 XP

04-23-11 Pyramid of Shadows: The Guard Chamber

After surveying their current status in the flooded chamber, the group was faced with the decision to either head west and double back to return to whence they came or to press on heading south to exit the pallid pool that surrounds them. Vyrellis chimed in with the suggestion to head east from their location to “unite with a human host that’s dying to meet your violent acquaintance”. The group decided to heed the severed head’s advice and head south.

As the group entered the next chamber, they noticed that a barricade has been haphazardly constructed to block their entrance into the chamber. The group met with a bewildered, confused, and relatively frightened group of human thugs that looked a little worse for the wear. One of the human hosts fired a question about someone named “Gharash Vren”. Confusion met with confusion and swords met with arrows as the squad prepared for battle.

The human host immediately behind the makeshift barricade had no idea what trouble they were in for as both Thaelin and Tanksmash cleared the debris barrier deftly with a series of hurdles and wall runs that left one of the human thugs in a terrible state fraught with a half-giant wielding a battle axe and an Elven rogue stabbing and slicing with daggers in tow.

The human host put up a significant resistance in raining crossbow bolts upon the adventures as well as inflicting heavy gaping wounds with their halberds. Vig, the Lolthbound goblin, the one-time slave and servant to Faermeena, got the worst of it after a botched clearing attempt made by Oak. Note to all who read: never ask a minotaur to drop-kick you over a barricade, no matter how competent he may seem. The distance attacks of both Crescent De Wade (FIREHAWK) and Faremeena (ELDRITCH BLAST) proved to be incredibly effective in the melee and both adventurers remained relatively unscathed. The group’s newest member, the mysterious Drow Cleric Dryzz, dispensed some incredibly helpful healing at pivotal times during the battle while remaining hidden (and intelligently so) behind the safety of the makeshift barrier.

As the dust settled from the falling bodies, raining arrows, fountains of blood, and slung spells, the group decided to take an extended rest before exploring the rest of the guard chamber.

Who is this “Gharash Vren” character? What were these humans doing in the depths of the Pyramid of Shadows? Will they ever find the tactician? Will they ever be able to complete two encounters in one gaming session? The answers to these questions lie deep within the perils of the Pyramid of Shadows. Stay tuned for more.

The XP total for ENC3: (combat) is 1650 XP.

1650/6= 275 XP per PC.

Crescent and Dryzz earn an additional 10%XP for cashing in their fortune cards at the end of the encounter.

Final tally:

Crescent DeWade: 303 XP
Tanksmash: 275 XP
Faermeena: 275 XP
Thaelin: 275 XP
Oak: 275 XP
Dryzz: 303 XP

Current XP Totals (Compared to next level):

Crescent DeWade: 11113/13000
Tanksmash: 11056/13000
Faermeena: 11110/13000
Thaelin: 11110/13000
Oak: 11221/13000
Dryzz: 1905/2250

06-11-11 Pyramid of Shadows: The Guard Chamber & Inner Chambers

Soon after the squad disposed of the human rabble they decided that it would be best if they rested up before they continue to explore the depths of the Pyramid of Shadows. The group, now rested fully, explored the rest of the chamber and stumbled upon a rather tricky device that not teleports unwitting people, but teleports them into a room that’s only purpose it to burn. Dryzz, growing weary of the group’s overly cautious nature, decides to be first among the heroes to investigate the vacant chamber that looms before them beyond a once closed set of heavy doors. Thaelin had other plans for investigation and decided to check out the narrow passage directly south of the room that the majority crew is investigating. Thaelin soon discovers the teleportation trap and is teleported into the same room Dryzz was investigating. After some further deliberation, a few other brave members of the fold enter the large chamber only to have the door close behind them and the hidden jets in the floor ignite, fully illuminating the room (more so than Oak’s torch) and utterly conflagrating all who currently occupy the room. Dryzz took the brunt of the flame’s wrath and nearly kills him (Level 2 character in a series of level 7-8 encounters… man, your DM is a dick).

Due largely in part to the heroicism and athleticism of one Johnny Tanksmash, the correct teleportation panel was pressed at the same time Thaelin cleverly managed to escape the inferno room’s wrath that the blaze trap was shut down with only one seriously injured hero and a few others who came out only slightly crispy.

The group then entered the next chamber and were greeted with a set of locked doors leading into what looked like a chapel. Upon reaching the doors, the adventurers noticed that they magically swung open to reveal a human woman praying at an altar. She called to the adventurers saying that she needed help in order to free herself from a mystical bond that entombs her within the walls of the chapel. Taking cue from previous npc encounters where a rescue of an innocent is concerned, the group put their heads together and weighed out their options. Suddenly the doors closed behind the crew and the women revealed her true form: a lust demon… otherwise known as a succubus.

Due largely in part to the exhaustion and semi-inebriation of the DM, the group absolutely DECIMATED the foul temptress in very short order. Upon clearing out the chapel, the group explored the rest of the chamber and discovered a series of statues that instantly animated to warn the group (with the head of Vyrillis validating their claim) of the powers of Karavakos and the almost guaranteed peril that awaits them. Much to their surprise, a pair of demons (linked to the once lively and somewhat attractive succubus) appeared and attempted to take the group back to the inferno from which they spawned. Needless to say, the demons were unsuccessful and the group decided to continue north into the next chamber.
Loot: +3 Cloth Armor (Dryzz had dibs, I believe)
The XP total for ENC3:(trap) and ENC4:(combat) is 2350 XP.

2350/6= 391 XP per PC.

Crescent was a superminion this meeting and thus receives 20% less XP.

Thaelin, Oak, Faermeena, Dryzz, and Tank earn an additional 10% XP for cashing in their fortune cards at the end of the encounter.

Final tally:

Crescent DeWade: 312 XP
Tanksmash: 445 XP
Faermeena: 445 XP
Thaelin: 445 XP
Oak: 445 XP
Dryzz: 445 XP

Current XP Totals (Compared to next level):

Crescent DeWade: 11425/13000
Tanksmash: 11501/13000
Faermeena: 11555/13000
Thaelin: 11555/13000
Oak: 11666/13000
Dryzz: 2350/2250 DING


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