Affirmative Action Squad

03-18-11 Pyramid of Shadows: The Flooded Chamber

The adventuring crew is in the early stages of exploration as they continue to trudge through the dangerous and impossibly byzantine chambers of the Pyramid of Shadows. The group decided to head East after felling Gurak and the carrion crawler infested pit. Upon heading east, the group hears the sound of rushing water. Upon entrance into the next chamber, the group sees a large pool of water with strange lizard-like creatures.

The group manages to get the jump on the Greenscales to start the melee, however certain adventurers noticed that upon entrance of the inexplicable turbulent waters of the chamber that they would be sucked up and spit out at another location in the room. After some turmoil, blood, sweat, and tears, the group dispatched the reptilian host and their collective aquatic ilk.

What does the next chamber hold? Which direction should they travel? Will the head of Vyrellis point them in the right direction or will she lead them astray?

Stay tuned to find out more!

The XP total for ENC2: The Flooded Chamber is 1750 XP.

1750/6= 292 XP per PC.

Faermeena, Crescent, Thaelin, and Drizz earn an additional 10%XP for cashing in their fortune cards at the end of the encounter.

Final tally:

Crescent DeWade: 321 XP
Tanksmash: 292 XP
Faermeena: 321 XP
Thaelin: 321 XP
Oak: 292 XP
Dryzz: 321 XP




Oh yes… and mostly lightning!


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